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How to Turn Your Projection Around

Sometimes, we may identify a behavior on our part that invited a negative response. Other times, we get negative responses even though we have done nothing. Many times, however, it is important to see what thoughts we have been thinking or what belief system we are unwittingly seeking confirmation for. ...

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What is Your Love Style?

The kind of love that characterizes what we feel when we fall in love is not empowering love; it’s not unconditional; indeed, it is based failingly on need and powerlessness. Just think of the familiar colloquial phrases to describe this feeling of falling in love: “Falling head over heals”; ...

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The Foundation For A Spiritual Relationship

When we consider owning all the godlike qualities of the True Self, we get stopped in the process of creating a spiritual relationship. We get stopped by our feelings of fear, perhaps even terror. We may fight in countless ways to keep our old limited view of who and what we are. We ask ourselves, as ...

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How to Become a Miracle Worker in Your Relationships

Relationships of all kinds provide us with the opportunity to enter the “advanced spiritual growth” university, if used that way.  And with each lesson learned from the challenges presented, we rise to more and more moments of heavenly joy and peace.  We need these challenges on earth to be ...

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Articles by Dr. Henry Grayson
Butting Heads

How to Turn Your Projection Around

Often the fault we find in others is something we are struggling with internally.


What is Your Love Style?

Identify ways you make mistakes in love and find out how to fix them.

Happy Couple

The Foundation For A Spiritual Relationship

Embracing your innate divine wisdom will assist you in creating a balanced union.

Winter Pair

How to Become a Miracle Worker in Your Relationships

The historical concept of a miracle can help you to improve your relationship experience.

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Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release all Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness
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