Is Your Dog An Online Dating Dealbreaker?


Is Your Dog An Online Dating Dealbreaker? [EXPERT]
Is your furry friend scaring away the love of your life before the two of you have even met?

So what is the right way to address your love of animals in your online dating profile? The way to do justice to both Mr. Hottie and precious Fluffy? Use a list in the question that touches on pets, and downplay the rest. /node/150349

Wow, heartless!


No, strategic. There is a big difference. If your pets have a big place in your home and your life, that is something that should come out in early conversations, once you've got him or her on the hook. You aren't hiding anything. You are simply trying to stay open to a wider range of people who otherwise may not stop to look because they misinterpret your prose.

By spending too much time on your pets in a profile about yourself, the love of your life may pass you by based on a misunderstanding. Instead, use your "About Me" essay to tell something interesting about yourself. YourTango Experts Presents ... Online Dating Bootcamp!

Perhaps Mr. Exotic Snake guy would be willing to donate Slimy and Slinky to a zoo for the love of the right woman. Possibly the dog lover would warm up to Fluffy after a couple of dates with someone like you. Maybe you would be willing to learn about ferrets if the love of your life taught you their special nuances.

However, as with any rule, I'll share the exception: allergies. If you have strong allergies to a particular pet, this is important information. This should be included in your list section. Dogs, horses, parakeets, goldfish. Allergic to Cats. See ... easy, not extreme.

Your animals deserve this type of respect, just like your children. You wouldn't spend 70% of your essay space to talk about Princess's first lost tooth, would you? Save the information about the furry members of your family for early communication. That way, you won't miss the love of your life because he wants to sail the Greek Islands. He may not realize that your sister loves to have your St. Bernard around whenever you travel. Dating Disaster: I Will Not Sleep With Your Dog

What about you? I'd love to hear stories of either great successes or even problems when your pets come into the world of dating.

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