3 Places Not To Let Your Guard Down On A First Date


3 Places Not To Let Your Guard Down On A First Date
Learn 3 opportunities that unknowingly expose us to danger on a first date in an Online Dating world

3.  Car
I know we’re taught to park up close and personal, but for a first meeting put safety first. Arrive early and park in a spot where your license plate is not visible to the coffee shop or restaurant window. And when you leave, find an excuse to leave last. Don’t allow for chivalry to win in this situation - no walking you to your car. While most of the time this is simply a sweet gesture, not doing so is a necessary precaution for a first date. Make an excuse to go to the Ladies Room on the way out, or that you need to make a phone call. This is perfectly acceptable, and can be managed quite tactfully.

Let him show you his gentlemanly behavior on the 2nd date - after you know him a little bit better.


Citizens of the Toad Kingdom, I don't give you these scenarios to create paranoia. Most situations are harmless. In the best instances, you meet a wonderful frog with the potential to transform into your prince. Most of the other frogs are simply somebody else's Prince Charming. This advice, however, should be followed in all situations because you can never be sure if somehow a Toad as slipped past your radar.

Warm Regards,

Master Toad Kisser Heidi Lee


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