Online Dating Site Headlines That Crave Attention!


Online Dating Site Headlines That Crave Attention!
How do you rise above 1000s of profiles in an Online Dating Site? Give him someone to dream about!

1. Just seeking a good heart: Friends, anything that starts with the word “just” seems to make excuses or minimizes your importance. Bad word - get rid of it.
2. Ready to fall in love: Great - with a random stranger or did you have someone specific in mind?
3. Still looking for the right one: Yup. You and everyone else on this site. Best of luck!
4. Easy going and simple: And ... I’m bored.
5. Recently Separated: No! This headline screams drama and trouble. Your multiple choice questionnaire is the only place this belongs - unless you simply don’t want to meet a nice man.
6. Go Blue!: YES! 1st runner up. College sports fan that gets straight to the point. What sports-loving hottie wouldn’t want a girl who looked good in his favorite Team’s colors?

And the award goes to ...
7. Marathon runner seeking guy who can keep up: Perfection! You’ve shared your love of fitness while showing good spirited competition. Way to give him something to daydream about.

Now you try. Take a peek at your Dating Headline. How do you present yourself? Do you mosey or do you ignite? Would you win my trophy? More importantly, would the guy sifting profiles over a coffee break risk getting busted at the office for sneaking an extra few minutes to daydream about you?

Grab a copy of my eBook How to Toad-Proof Your Online Dating Profile to learn more on how to write a mouthwatering Online Dating Profile.

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