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Kids Back In School? 3 Ways To Take Care Of YOU


Kids Back In School? 3 Ways To Take Care Of YOU [EXPERT]
Do you take care of your own mental, physical and spiritual needs?
... because you can't take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself.

As a busy mom, you know how difficult it is to focus on yourself when you are constantly driving the kids to soccer practice, swimming lessons and play dates. Now that school is back in session, all of a sudden you have a little extra time. What will you do? There are three solutions to shaping your day and your week without the little ones around.

Sarah is a mother of three. Her summer has been extremely busy and all of a sudden, her two oldest children are back in school and the youngest is entering pre-school. As she looks out the window, Sarah sees the sun shining and the flowers still blooming. She thinks to herself, "I guess I better find something to do with my day! It's amazing that the kids are once again back in school! Maybe I'll just do what I normally do..."

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The key here is that Sarah needs to fulfill her life and make it complete. How can she reframe her thinking? How can you reframe your thinking so you can start doing something for yourself? 5 Health Benefits Of Having Sex

It is important to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. We all know that when we are in an aircraft before take-off, the flight attendants tell us that in the event of a sudden decrease in air pressure, all passengers are to put the oxygen mask on themselves before helping others. Similarly, we need to be healthy ourselves before we can support others — especially our children.

So, what should you do? Now is the time for action! Take time for yourself and step into the adult world of health and wellness. It is important to revive yourself and take action to renew your physical fitness, mental health and spiritual growth. 15 Reasons Couples Become Happier As Their Kids Grow Up

1. Physical fitness. Enroll in a physical activity. Yoga, spin class or just going for scheduled walks can play an amazing role in strength, stamina and self-esteem.

2. Emotional and mental stimulation. Take time to engage in adult conversation and continue to build your adult relationships. Grow your EQ (Emotional Intelligence), register for webinars and teleseminars, participate in workshops and meetings, or register for continuing education courses such as art, writing or business acumen.

3. Heart or spiritual growth. Become more connected with your heart. Find a means and a time when you can connect with yourself. Daydreaming and contemplation play an important role in how we fulfill our needs and stretch our thinking. Busy Day? 5 Ways To Stay Energized

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So, shape your day and your week. Love yourself; your positive energy will emanate to all around you and your family will love you for it!

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