Relationships And Technology: Is Technology Ruining Your Bond?


Relationships And Technology: Is Technology Ruining Your Bond?
Ditch your virtual life and focus on reality.

These days it seems like everyone is glued to their screen—checking email, texting, browsing the web and catching up on social media. And although it's super convenient to have the ability to stay in touch with work, friends and family on the go, the truth is relationships and technology don't always mix. In fact, if you aren't careful, your cell phone and computer could ruin your relationship before you even realize it's happening.

For example, let's say you're working on the computer when your spouse comes into the room to ask where his shoes are. If you answer his inquiry without looking up from the screen, you're sending him a subconscious message that in that moment your screen is more important to you than he is. This contributes to a subtle breakdown in your relationship and over time this tiny fracture can cause a giant rift between the two of you.


If you're guilty of talking to your spouse without looking up from your screen, stop immediately. Even if you're busy, take a second to look at him. Make eye contact and answer his question. If your partner constantly chooses his screen over you, tell him how it makes you feel: insignificant and unimportant. Ask that from now on he takes a second to make eye contact and acknowledge your presence, even if it's just to kindly say, "Babe, I need another minute to finish this and then I will help you."

This is one of those tiny changes that produces big results, so start showing up for your partner in this one, small way and I guarantee you'll love the effect it has on your bond!

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