Life Lessons


Life Lessons

That was it!<!--break-->

To boot, I had run up over $4,500 in expenses on my personal credit card on behalf  my company and the moving company decided to hold my furniture that had not yet been delivered as ransom since my company had arranged to make my move and pay for it, but unfortunately, their check had bounced.  By the time I knew what hit me, I had over $18,000 in additional debt that was not of my own making!<!--break-->

That night my wife and I made a family dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and water and then decided to drive to Target to purchase our last gift for ourselves for a while….the new Richard Pryor CD.<!--break-->


(Richard, you saved my sanity that night and for that I am eternally grateful, rest in peace my powerful Brother!).<!--break-->

That evening we laughed and we cried off and on most of the night as we tried to forget the day… for just a little while… knowing that the next morning we were about to face a new and different world.  The incredible job of making some sense of it all and then beginning to put our tumbling lives back together somehow.<!--break-->

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