Why Freud Was Wrong About Desire


Why Freud Was Wrong About Desire
C.S. Lewis, Sigmund Freud debate why it's hard to fulfill desire. Get a secret weapon 2 B fulfilled.

Imagine legendary psychoanalyst, Dr. Sigmund Freud and writer C.S. Lewis having a 90 minute verbal clash about the existence of God, love, sex and the meaning of life.

This is the intriguing theme of the Mark St. Germain play, Freud’s Last Session. It was brought to life in brilliant portrayals of Freud by Mike Nussbaum and C.S. Lewis by Coburn Goss in a Mercury Theater Production in Chicago.


At one point in their onstage debate about desire, C.S. Lewis said that every desire already has the means to be fulfilled. A baby is hungry and mother’s milk satisfies the desire. A duck wants to swim and there’s a pond nearby. We wouldn’t have desire without the capacity to fulfill it.

Freud disagreed. He said that humans have desires which never can be fulfilled, so this leaves us in a perpetual state of longing.

Freud was wrong, because he didn’t understand how we harness the power of universal laws, like C.S. Lewis did.

Great teachings have told us we come from divine power and consciousness. This makes you worthy and able to fulfill every desire. Because You are the Great I Am. You have an inner source of infinite potential. You have no limitations, except those you choose to believe in.

You already have the power you need to live your greatest dreams. You simply learn to tap into this power and access it on demand,like your favorite show on HBO.

Are you resisting this?

Einstein cleared this obstacle to happiness. Einstein proved it’s impossible to be unworthy or unable to fulfill desires and dreams. He proved everything is Energy. We’re all made of the same Energy.

So you are an Energetic Being.

Physicists who study energy claim you have enough energy in your body to light all of North America for a week.
If you convert that to kilowatt hours, you are worth billions of dollars In Energy.

What do you do with all this energy?

You let it fuel your journey to fulfill your desires and dreams.

When you truly understand how to use your infinite source of energy, what happens?

Nothing stops you from fulfilling your desires and living your dreams.

The only drawback?

Your dreams and desires may be too small for your power.

The antidote?

Dream big. You must Fall in Love with your vision for your life. Get Passionate and Excited about it. Emotion is the rocket fuel that propels you to live your dreams and fulfill your desires. No emotion, no blastoff.

Freudian analysts often prescribe drugs to dull emotion, and guide depressed patients to focus on all the reasons they’re depressed to talk through the darkness and find light.

C.S. Lewis tapped into the power of positive psychology and power laws to produce results you desire. It’s a universal law that what you focus on expands.

Focus on what’s wrong to get more of it. Focus on what’s right to get more of it.

I endorse C.S. Lewis’s understanding of this universal law.

We already have all the power we need within us to fulfill every desire and dream.

The lesson?

You get unstuck from longing and unfulfilled desire by changing focus to change results.

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