We Love People Who Hurt Us 'Til We Fix Our Picker


We Love People Who Hurt Us 'Til We Fix Our Picker
Always picking hurtful dates? Fix that by taking new steps to attract a healthy,happy love match now

Hadley:  What if you keep attracting a hurtful match?  In our series on why we love people who hurt us, we've given you many ways to break that attraction cycle from childhood and choose a partner who'll love you the way you desire and deserve.

So don't let a breakup or loss of love stop you from loving again, even better than ever. I give you the fastest, surest remedies I'd used to heal my own trauma over lost love, after my happy marriage ended tragically, as you my book, 911 Breakup Survival. 
Readers say it changes how you see your life and relationships in only a few hours.  So get your book at 911BreakupSurvival.com And transform your love life now.

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