Should A Guy Thank A Date For Having Sex?


Should A Guy Thank A Date For Having Sex?
What do women really want after having sex in a dating relationship? Do this before your next date.

If so, she’s told you how to speak her love language and make her feel appreciated. Will you do it? If you won’t pop for a pricey bouquet, even sending her a single rose will tell her that you understand what she wants from you and you’re willing to do it to make her happy. On your note with the flower(s), you might even ask her for a second chance to be more romantic and show her how special she is to you.

It may feel odd at first to do something new, like sending flowers, calling more often or doing little things that make your partner feel loved. It may feel awkward telling someone how to speak your love language, by showing their love through physical touch, including sex, through verbal compliments to show appreciation, by giving gifts, helping with chores, or spending more quality time with you. Fortunately, the more often you do this, the more comfortable you’ll feel in using new love habits which help you–

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