Passion Test - How To Fall In Love and Sustain Passion


Passion Test - How To Fall In Love and Sustain Passion
Get the keys that help millions spark a lasting love from The Passion Test's Janet Bray Attwood.

Janet:  For dating singles, get the passion test and take it for your ideal mate.  My former husband, Chris, met his wife, Doris, by taking the passion test and writing down all the qualities he wanted to attract in his life.  She was in France; he was in America, but they connected.  

It’s all about clarity. When you are super clear on what you want to attract, if you close your eyes and you see the person you want to attract with their qualities, then you attract it.

Is it best to give or trade love if you want a happy relationship?

Find out in part 4 highlights of my radio conversation with Janet Bray Attwood for A Lasting Love.

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