Passion Test - Find Your Passionate Path in 3 Steps


Passion Test - Find Your Passionate Path in 3 Steps
Passion Test's Janet Bray Attwood reveals how she helps millions live a passionate, exciting life.

What happens in that surrendered state is the people, places and things start to show up.  Go through all the doors that start to open.  That’s the path of least resistance, which is in following your passions.  

It’s a “Do less, accomplish more path”, because what you love is God’s will for you. When I say God, I mean nature, the unified field, whatever name you want to put to that energy that is greater than yourself.  You know about it, because you always hear that voice that says, “I love this.  I love this.”  Tap into that voice. And take action on it.

Hadley:  An essential ingredient is to fall in love with your vision for a dream life.  Emotion is the fuel that propels you to your dreams.  No emotion, no blastoff to your dream life.  How do we fall in love and create passionate relationships?

Find out in Part 3 highlights of my radio conversation with Janet Bray Attwood for A Lasting Love.

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