No Valentine? No Problem!


No Valentine? No Problem!
No lover on Valentine's Day? No problem! Use this secret to find love now!

You don't have plans for a romantic Valentine's Day celebration with a beloved partner? Don't let that stop you from finding love today. How? By shifting your Love Focus.

Instead of focusing on the romantic love you lack, which steals your joy, stay focused on giving thanks for all the love in your life. Celebrate love on V-day by thanking people who've made a difference in your life, by sharing smiles and friendly words with people you see in your daily routines, by being kind and loving to yourself.

This builds feelings of healthy self love and gratitude, which attract love like a love magnet. Another great way to take control of your Love Focus on V-Day is to remember this:

The great love you are seeking is seeking you. You just haven't met them yet. Until you do, it's important to stay focused on sending love to others, being loving to yourself, and being open to meeting your great love who's waiting to meet you, too.
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