Love Test - Is Your Date Too Good To Be True?


Love Test - Is Your Date Too Good To Be True?
Discover how to identify heart-breakers and choose a match for a blissfully happy relationship.

There is no rejection, only the wrong fit. This healthy attitude eases the hurt when the wrong match moves on. I often tell the Tribe of Singles community there are no mistakes – only choices with love lessons attached like a bow.

Always look for the love lesson. Learn it so you don't have to repeat it in a new dating relationship.

If you want to be in a blissfully happy committed relationship, know that both people in a dating relationship must want and work toward fulfilling that vision. You can’t reach that goal alone.

Next time you meet a date who may be too good to be true, I suggest you present this simple Love Test early in a dating relationship:

Ask what they want in a relationship. Then observe their response in words and actions.

What if they vanish into the dating ozone?

What if they say all the right things about wanting a relationship, but their actions don’t support their words?

You are free to move on whenever you want to meet your great love match, who values and shares your vision for a great relationship.

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