How MIA's "Finger Malfunction" at Superbowl Can Change Your Life


How MIA's "Finger Malfunction" at Superbowl Can Change Your Life
MIA's finger gesture wasted her power.Use the secret power at your fingertips to love and heal now!

Controversy hit the Superbowl Half-Time Show once again. It wasn't a costume malfunction like Janet Jackson's, but a finger malfunction by MIA that caused an uproar this year. Millions watched in shock as Madonna's performance was upstaged when British singer, M.I.A., flipped her middle finger at the end of her guest appearance in the song.

The legal term for this finger malfunction is digitus impudicus ("impudent finger"). Courts have ruled this is protected speech, even when you use it to defy a traffic cop who pulls you over. Was M.I.A. flipping the bird to defy millions of TV viewers?

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If so, her manager might talk to her about the wisdom of turning off millions of potential fans with a tacky, obscene hand gesture which prompted NBC-TV to apologize to millions of viewers.

Let's give Superbowl viewers a chance to discover something far more powerful about hand gestures than M.I.A.'s middle finger. Most people have no idea of how much power they have at their fingertips. If they only knew how to use the power of their daily hand gestures, then they could change their lives.

Only the elite one to three percent of the world's population have studied and utilized the secret power of hand gestures to bring you even greater health, wealth, success, happiness, love and protection. Isn't it time for the rest of us to discover how to use this secret power we hold in our hands?

You can discover this secret FREE with the help of one of the world's top experts, Dr. Harlan Kilstein. He is about to reveal one hand gesture that's been used for protection throughout recorded history.

Harlan says that you can use this hand gesture for protection to keep out negative forces from your life. Use it any time, or take a few minutes to sit, relax, and meditate before you follow this protocol.

Raise your right hand to the level of your chest, with
the palm facing forward.

Keep your fingers together.

Place your left hand on your thigh, in your lap, or on
your heart.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

Dr. Harlan Kilstein says you'd be surprised to find out how connected ancient hand symbols are--across cultures, across history, in many places all over the world.

And you'll be surprised to discover how many powerful hand gestures you can use each day can
change your life in wonderful ways. <a href="" title="Free Finger Healing-Harlan Kilstein" target="_blank">Get Free examples from Harlan Kilstein now </a>

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