What Relationship Chemistry Means For Your Love Life


What Relationship Chemistry Means For Your Love Life
Avoid dating drama by identifying your dating goals and discovering 3 types of healthy relationships

They believe divine intervention has guided them to each other to be totally authentic and transcend the normal level of consciousness.

A major goal of this relationship is to contribute to the world as a partnership–as a single, unified force.

What does a spiritual partnership look and feel like?

Imagine enjoying pure acceptance of the whole person, an acceptance that eliminates criticism, judgment and power struggles from the partnership. This is the essence of unconditional love.

Even when spiritual partners are doing something by themselves, they draw on the power and energy of the relationship’s we. The I is elevated by the we.

If a disagreement occurs, it’s over and resolved quickly in a win-win manner.
Spiritual partners are good at seeing different perspectives so they can solve problems and understand different points of view.
Questions are always answered with the truth, and there’s never any holding back for a truthful exchange that contains seeds of spiritual growth.

Is a spiritual partnership achievable or right for you?

Few people have progressed from Soulmates to this level. It requires an enormous amount of individual work and courage, along with divine intervention.

A spiritual partnership may inspire you to find an element of spirituality and meaning in your relationships.

If you're dating to find love, how do you use this news to choose your great love match?

Study the characteristics of 3 types of healthy relationships and ask yourself which qualities you desire or require and choose dates accordingly.
And remember, no matter what type of relationship you are seeking, you won't find it without putting yourself out there and meeting potential love matches.

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