Why Choose Struggle?


Why Choose Struggle?
Are you addicted to struggle? Do you find it more comfortable — or just habitual — to stay in the pl

It recently dawned on me that...
there isn’t time to be anyone else
or anything less than what we dream of.
The time we have to make these dreams and desires real in our lives has always been short. At the midpoint it feels shorter than ever.
You’ve heard it said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”
I’d like to add, don’t let fear of that unknown other side stop you. Break the addiction to limitations, to struggle.
Start by feeling what it will feel like when you reach that goal or are living that dream.
Don’t imagine your people in a non-supportive way. Give them a chance to be there cheering you on.
Or don’t tell them — some of them can’t be trusted. You know the ones.
Surround yourself with inspirational people, loving and supporting types; even if they are only to be found on CDs, in books, and on YouTube for now.
As you step into your greatness you’ll be surprised by who shows up with support and encouragement.

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