The Heart's Message


The Heart's Message
For centuries the heart has been considered the seat of the soul and emotion. In a way it feels as i

For centuries the heart has been considered the seat of the soul and emotion. In a way it feels as if the heart creates these feelings or that our emotions somehow arise from the heart. Isn’t the heart just a muscle, an organ that moves blood through our bodies?
We know that lifestyle choices contribute to the wellness or disease of our hearts but do our emotions affect the heart?
To get the answers to these and other questions about the heart I went to the source.
An otherwise shy and behind the scenes kind of player I managed to secure an interview with a healthy, midlife, women’s heart.
And she’d like your attention!
GAC: Do you feel taken for granted?
HEART: "I know it’s easy to take me for granted, that’s ok, that’s how I like it. The last thing I want to do is interrupt your life with an episode just so I can get a little attention."
GAC: What brings you to this newsletter today, what would you like to say to the readers?
HEART:"First of all I’m excited to have the opportunity to speak to these smart women because midlife is the time in their lives when more than ever they must practice what they’ve heard about healthy eating, exercise, not smoking etc. I may be a lowly pumping station but I’ve got needs too.
GAC: Now come on, as a coach, I have to remind you that talking about yourself in that way—'A lowly pumping station', is not very supportive and can even lead to unnecessary stress.
HEART:"You are so right and stress is something we must talk about. I guess I was reflecting the habits of so many women, to devalue themselves—very unhealthy. Let me rephrase; I do recognize my place in the body, I’m a vital organ. Sometimes folks forget just how vital. They put pressure on me by playing the 'no time' card over and over again rather than get to the gym or go for a walk. If I’m not in shape, no one’s in shape and the huffing and puffing going up the stairs is like an IM from me asking you for a little help.

GAC: What kind of help?
HEART: "It’s a plea. For one person it might be please stop smoking, for someone else it might be drop a few pounds, but for so many it’s a plea to stop hurting."
GAC: Hurting like my knees hurt? I’ve heard that pain increases blood pressure and makes you work harder.
HEART:"Well that’s one way I have to work harder and pain management is crucial to my health and our quality of life. But I was referring to heartache brought on by chronic negative situations

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