Breaking The Conflict Pattern


Breaking The Conflict Pattern
Conflict expert, Greg Giesen, discusses how to get unstuck in repeating old patterns

The same goes for each of the five conflict styles. There is an appropriate and inappropriate use of each individual style. Avoiding is an effective response to conflict when some guy cuts you off on the highway. Why? Because you have no investment in having a relationship with him and it would be dangerous to escalate a conflict that could lead to an accident. However, using avoiding as a mechanism to shut down communication with a person you care for is conversely not an effective use of that style. This is why it is so important to step back from the conflict and choose a style that will lead to a desired outcome.

If you are not familiar with the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Styles, CLICK HERE to watch a short YouTube video on the five styles. If you’d like to take the assessment yourself, CLICK HERE. Either way, it is important to know which of the five conflict styles is your default style so you can override it in circumstances where one of the other styles might be more appropriate. Just having that awareness can make all the difference. Make sense?


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