The 7 Attitudes Of Highly Successful Daters-Attitude #7


The 7 Attitudes Of Highly Successful Daters-Attitude #7
Attitude #7 - Acceptance

Are you open to accepting and receiving love?

The ability to accept love whenever and however it's given is critical for the highly successful dater.  The highly successful dater knows that in order to be able to give love they have to be able to accept and receive it.  This means you can accept love in all forms, from all sources.  Accept a compliment from someone you don't know without embarrassment.  Accept an invitation for a date as recognition and acknowledgment of your own positive qualities, even if you can't, or don't want to accept the invitation.  Accept the generosity of a total stranger on a "blind date" buying you a cup of coffee, no matter how inexpensive, as a sign that the other person is honoring you as a valuable human being.  Accept with grace that someone is attracted to you, even if you don't feel the same attraction.  With this acceptance you can experience similar grace when the tables are turned and you are attracted to someone, but the attraction isn't returned. 


On the surface, accepting love seems like it would be easy.  If asked, almost everyone would say they'd love to have a wonderful, loving, fulfilling relationship.  But, really experiencing this type of relationship takes a huge willingness to move past limiting beliefs about your worthiness and/or ability to have this type of relationship.  The real key is to liberate yourself from fear.  There are so many good reasons not to take a chance on a relationship and so many things that can go wrong (and have), that it is not surprising that so many of us, to one extent or another, attempt to sabotage love.  We put ourselves in a position where we can't accept love.
To get over these unconscious hurdles takes practice and self-examination.  If you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again you may want to get help to break them.  You need to get rid of your love saboteur before you can move forward.

The highly successful dater cannot only give love but is also fully open to accepting love (in all forms from all sources.)

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