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The 7 Attitudes Of Highly Successful Daters-Attitude #6

The 7 Attitudes Of Highly Successful Daters-Attitude #6

Attitude #6 - Patience

Do you ever become impatient with the whole dating process?

Everyone does!  But to be successful in dating you need to remain patient with the process, and understand that sometimes it really is a process. 

Sometimes, once you've made the commitment to finding a mate, everything falls into place quickly and you meet Mr. Right.  More often there is still some learning and growing you need to do that will help you along the way.  The successful dater doesn't throw his or her hands in the air after they've met two or three people and say "this will just never work for me."  The highly successful dater takes each experience as an opportunity for learning and remains open to ways in which He or She might continue to develop.  They are willing to listen and take feedback in the spirit of constructive input.  They are willing to think about what part they're playing in the level of success they're having as a dater, and make changes where appropriate.

Eleanor Roosevelt said "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on."  Unfortunately, I see so many people who get discouraged and just give up.  Sometimes they give up after they've only met one or two people.  One of the most common causes of failure in life is people giving up when they face a small defeat or temporary set-back. Whatever you do don't give up! 

Many highly successful people in life have said that their greatest successes came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.  Whatever you do in your dating experience, don't give up three feet from the gold!!!   Be patient and give yourself a chance.

Fretting, being anxious, worrying or being impatient really never helps your situation.  It doesn't solve anything.  James Kurtz said "If we worry, we don't trust; if we trust, we don't worry.  Worry does not empty tomorrow of its grief, but it does empty today of its joy."

The highly successful dater takes each experience as an opportunity for learning and remains open to ways in which they might continue to develop.

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