Discover The Wonders Of Hypnotherapy


Discover The Wonders Of Hypnotherapy
Release fear, stress, cravings, pain and more easily when you are in a relaxed state.Try it and see.

Hypnosis is basically single focused awareness. Each of us has experienced that state when we listen to lovely music, sit in a car, bus or train and look out the window at the passing scene in a relaxed state, daydream, drum or dance rhythmically, or even try to listen to a boring speaker who seems to drone on and on.

When you are in a hypnotic space and listen to the voice of someone you trust giving you positive suggestions about overcoming difficult challenges you will be amazed at the positive results. Don’t try to tough it out if you are scared about a dental procedure, surgery, test taking, or getting up in front of people and speaking or performing.

One CD that I can’t do without is a pain manager program that has seen me through injuries, surgeries and occasional migraines. When I travel I always make sure that I pack it along with my first aid kit since it frequently puts me to sleep as I listen, and I drift off pain free and wake without pain.

Find a good professional hypnotherapist to help you or purchase ready made hypnotherapy CDs or downloads from well-known experts. Best of all, you can learn self-hypnosis and treat yourself at will.

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Gloria Arenson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology and author of 7 books. She is passionate about helping people help themselves to be free of negative emotions and compulsive behaviors. Her motto is :"The unexamined life is not worth living."

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Credentials: DCEP, EFT-ADV, MFT, MS
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