Stop Telling Women To Email Men First


Stop Telling Women To Email Men First
Read on to see why this hurts your chances of actually getting your online date to ask you out.

Am I prepared to receive an onslaught of contrary stories where the woman contacted the man first and they lived happily every after? I am. I know such people personally. They are the exception. And they are usually built on relationships where the woman is the alpha and the male is the beta. That's another topic.

My client knew instinctively that what I told her was the truth. She knew it even from her own online dating experiences, but she wanted to believe there was a way around it. That said, and what I told her, are there are proactive things you can do to get him to email you first. This includes friendly profiles, and often "winking." That is an entire article to itself, so check back. Or contact me! 

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