Creative Ways To Keep Your Love Warm All Winter


Couples Advice: Keep Your Love Warm This Winter
They're so smiley because they've just put their pajamas in the dryer.
Sweet ways to say "I love you" in the cold!

I grew up in Wisconsin, a place known for warm people and cold winters. I've since moved to Portland, Oregon where I thankfully never have to shovel rain. My partner (who is from Montana) and I watch the wintry weather smugly from our frost-free city every January and February. But this year, in the wake of a polar vortex, even my green city feels chilly. I find myself returning to my roots and bringing back the cold weather courtship tactics I learned from Midwestern married couples in the frozen tundra.

So if you're looking for ways to warm your sweetie's heart and soul this winter, try a few of these ideas:

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  • Hot water bottle in bed: When you know your sweetheart is brushing her teeth, sneak a hot water bottle in bed to warm up her "side" before she gets in.
  • Hot beverages: Wisconsinites know hot beverages like none others. Try hot toddies, hot buttered rum, mulled wine, cider, hot chocolate (with or without alcohol) to beat the chill.
  • Warm the car: When you are getting ready to go, leave the party or your house one minute sooner than your partner and start the car heater, defrost the windshield, scrape the ice and (in some super-cold places) make sure it actually starts before you are both out in the cold.
  • Run a bath: Soaking in a hot tub can really help you get the chill out of your bones. Run a bath for your sweetheart with Epsom salts, essential oils, or bubbles and have a towel and robe handy to keep them warm when she gets out.
  • Pajamas in the dryer: Right before bed stick both of your jammies in the dryer for a few quick minutes, and feel the warmth when you put them on and hop under the covers!
  • Commute gear: Is your sweetheart waiting for the bus in the cold? Is he cycling in the frigid rain? Get or make him a set of warmer gear to keep him toasty. And/or send a hot beverage to him when he arrives at work.
  • Flannel sheets: Heat your whole bed with soft flannel sheets. It's like sweeping inside a cozy sweater!
  • Lip balm: make your own (add your sweetie's favorite flavors), or buy it, wrap a love note around it and stick it in your partner's pocket, purse, commute bag, or desk drawer for when she needs it next.
  • Accessorize for winter: Slippers and scarves, whether handmade or etsy-bought, can go a long way in winter. Find a pattern you know your honey will love.
  • Microwave hand warmers: These little warmers are easy to heat and will stay warm when you go to the movie theater, or even just stay in for dinner.  If your partner runs a little chilly, try them out!
  • Foot soak and massage: Pamper your special someone with a hot foot soak and a massage with warm massage oil. Don't forget to have warm socks ready for afterwards! If you're not up for it, and you have the cash, Dragontree Spa in Portland will take care of everything for you (They're amazing!).
  • Sauna: You may not have a sauna or hot tub at home, but most likely you can find one in your town. Our favorite Portland spot is Everett House. Take your sweetie out for a spa date and heat things up. How much fun is it to wear a bathing suit in the winter?
  • Breakfast in bed: Stay cozy in bed longer. Leave your honey and make some pancakes, Dutch babies (our favorite) or French toast (make sure to use gluten free recipes if needed).

Do you have a special way to keep your sweetie warm in the winter? Leave a comment and let us know!

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