Healthy, Strong, And Wise In Love


Healthy, Strong, And Wise In Love
Ask yourself: What do I need from my partner to be healthier, stronger, and wiser?

I met with a fabulous couple recently who identified their three core values as a couple as health, wisdom and strength. Once a month, when we meet, we incorporate those values into our session in a specific reclection.  

By creating a clear set of values together, you can create tailored questions for your unique shared values. In the meantime, use their monthly check-in questions to bring deeper connection and rich conversation to your partnership. Ask yourself:

  1. What do I need from my partner to be healthier, wiser, and stronger?  
  2. What can I do to support my partner's health, wisdom, and strength?
  • Create a clear vision of actions that you can take to support your partner, and ways your partner can demonstrate support for you. Start taking action to support each other's well-being in small and large ways right away.

To increase your commitment you can add a daily reflection. Every day this pair has committed to asking themselves the following questions:

  1. How can I focus on health, wisdom, and strength today?  
  • When things get rough, or conflict arises, guide the conversation with care back to this question:
  1. How is this conversation supporting our health, wisdom, and strength?  
  • When facing a difficult decision, use these values to decide: Which path will best align with our values of strength, wisdom and health?  

You can incorporate your own values as you choose, of course, but the point remains: Having clarity of purpose will help you navigate through difficult times and become even stronger together in the process.  

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