Honest Dating: With All Your Imperfections Hanging Out!


Honest Dating: With All Your Imperfections Hanging Out!
In order to find someone who likes you just the way you are, you have to let them know who that is.

I sure remember how scary it was to put myself out there after my divorce!  I was no longer the sweet young think in my 20's, my body didn't look as good, I struggled with weight, I had two young children....ugh!  What chance would I have to find a nice guy who'd woo me? And I hadn't dated in 12 years...truth be told I had never really dated...just met someone and jumped in.
We women will lie/exaggerate most about our weight while men will lie/exaggerate about their height.  What else do we lie about in our relationships?  To what end?  I mean, when people meet you they will see you...it's not like they will believe what you wrote in your profile even though, there you are, standing before them....looking different....right?  People know that and lie/exaggerate anyway.  And how do we feel about ourselves and the new relationship when we know we've been dishonest and misrepresented ourselves?  How do we feel about ourselves when we believe we have to misrepresent ourselves or fake being something we are not in order to have people like and love us?  Read more....


This article was originally published at I Date Smarter with Gina Schuchman. Reprinted with permission.
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