5 Tips To Help You Find Your Ideal Match


5 Tips To Help You Find Your Ideal Match [EXPERT]
How to date smarter to finally meet the man you've been longing for.

3. You have to be clear about what kind of relationship you want to have. Figure out who you would like to be with. Do you want to be a "do-it-all-together" couple or an "independent-meet-up-with-you-here-and-there" kind of couple? What kind of social life do you want to share? What kind of intimacy do you want to share?

4. You have to have clear and respectful boundaries in your relationshipsAsk yourself how you want to treat each other in your ideal relationship?


5. You have to be patient. Settling for less than you deserve or less than will make you happy won't make you happy in the long run. This isn't fair to the other person either.

My program will help you arrive at your core dating values, learn how to be genuine and true to those values, and how to identify whether those qualities are present in others you might want to date.

Everyone has the right to be who they are and find someone who loves them just the way they are. With Date Smarter, you'll learn how and when to let them go if you do date stupid and how to find someone who suits you better and appreciates you just the way you are. 8 Weeks Toward Dating Smarter

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