7 Ways You Can Learn To Love Your Body


Your relationship with your body is like any other: it takes work!

I feel better without gluten or wheat products. My body does not tolerate caffeine in coffee but does not seem to mind the caffeine in black tea. I drink decaffeinated coffee yet no longer crave the baking that I see in the display cases at my favorite coffee shop, or the desserts that are laden with sugar and wheat. I am amazed at how I have lost my cravings for these things in my diet. Never in a million years did I think this was at all possible. Once in a while, I get a craving, give myself permission to eat what I really want to eat and notice how I feel.

Is my body the perfect size? No. Is it the perfect shape? No. Does it feel good and strong as I go throughout my day? For the most part, yes. Do I still have work to do to be in better relationship with my body? Absolutely. Am I on the right path? For sure.


I no longer want to put items in my body that do not make it feel good. As I grow in relationship with my body I have come to love and appreciate it for all of its intricacies.

For today:

1. Notice how you are in relation to food.

2. Tell yourself the truth about how you feel when you eat certain foods.

3. Notice how your body feels when you eat different foods.

4. Notice your energy level.

5. Before you are ready to choose your food, be with yourself and ask your body what it needs at this time.

6. Listen to and acknowledge your body for all of its hard work. It is with you 24/7, 365 days of the year, in cold and in heat, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. It is the one thing that is a constant in your life.

7. Ask yourself, what do you want your relationship with your body to be like?

To create any kind of sustainable change in your life you need to develop awareness as to how you would like things to be different. By asking yourself these questions you are beginning on the path of that awareness.

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