7 Early Signs of Stress


7 Early Signs of Stress
People think of stress as being burnt out, crying alot, feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

6. Loss of your sense of humor - Remember when you could laugh at your mistakes, when you did not take everything in your life so seriously, and when you could smile spontaneously at a good memory. When we have stress starting to accumulate in our bodies, our perspective narrows and we start to take everything way too seriously.
7. Increased negativity - Can you see the good in others, in your children, in your partner and your colleagues? If you are finding yourself more critical and inclined to gossip or look for what is not working in a situation, this is another unrecognized sign of stress.
Many of these signs are often minimized or ignored. What usually happens when people notice they are acting this way is they get into the negative self talk of the shoulda, woulda, coulda that I spoke about it "How connected are you with you".
One of the best ways to de-stress "in the moment" is to STOP what you are doing.
My gift to you:
Listen to a 1 minute breathing tool to help you decrease your stress in the moment.
This focuses your attention on the body and helps you to calm down.


Gerrianne Clare, Your Family Guide
The Family Guidance System

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