5 Steps to Overcome Procrastination and Take Action


5 Steps to Overcome Procrastination and Take Action
Do you procrastinate and often find a myriad of excuses as to why you have not got things done?

4) Set the intention to do one segment per day? Perhaps you estimate that the entire project will take you about 6 hours to do. When you complete small segments over the course of a week, it is often feasible that you can do 6 hours of work broken up into small pieces over the whole week.

Can you commit to one segment a day –
When you find that you have time in a day to do one of your segments –
Breathe, get to work, set the timer, when timer goes off, breathe


5) Celebrate!!! It is so important to celebrate your accomplishments however small. If you have set the intention to do small segments throughout the day when you have time and you have done that even once then celebrate. It is amazing how many people do not give themselves credit for the work that they have done because the project is not yet complete. This can often leave one feeling like “they are never enough”. The celebration may be as simple as saying to yourself – “wow, I committed to taking 5 minutes and getting one thing done and I did it”. What often happens when we take the time to celebrate we want to continue to do more of the same. So make sure you celebrate.

Taking Action means taking a step. Every one of the steps outlined above is important. Don’t skip any of these steps. The reality is with a plan that outlines workable steps and has the right blend of awareness, intention and celebration anything is possible. Good luck with your projects

Gerrianne Clare,

Family Guidance System


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