Your Guy's Valentine's Day Gift, Decoded!


Your Guy's Valentine's Day Gift, Decoded!
If you don't receive the perfect gift, does it mean your guy thinks less of your relationship?

And then there are the non-traditional gifts. Hot air balloon rides, handwritten love letters, a special homemade candlelit dinner for two, served picnic style on the living room floor. What does it mean when your guy gets creative?

"These can get tricky. And can be massive failures. But the ONE thing of which you can be sure with the non-traditional gift is that your man has put forth some sort of effort," says Marcus. "Which, I suppose, could be indicative of how much he cares about you or how well he knows you... or both. But the guy is making a real effort to make this gift somewhat memorable."


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So bottom line: if your guy doesn't give you the perfect gift this V-Day--does it mean he thinks less of your relationship--or is just a clueless shopper?

"I think it's unfortunate that the default belief of women is that when the V-Day gift doesn't live up to her hopes or expectations that somehow this signifies that her guy doesn't care or doesn't value the relationship," says Marcus. "A less than adequate gift (by the woman's standards) can't in any way be construed as some sort of relationship metric. More often than not, the guy simply missed the mark. it happens. And it'll probably happen again."

And no, Marcus insists--he shouldn't necessarily "know you better." So give him the benefit of the doubt.

"He DOES know you. That doesn't mean he's great at picking gifts," he says. "The overlooked fact here is that, for better or worse, he tried to come through for you."

What's the worst Valentine's Day gift you ever received? What's the best?

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