Women in Business: 3 Ways to Stay Happy


Women in Business: 3 Ways to Stay Happy
Success means nothing if you're not happy!

By Megan Totka for GalTime.com

Women entrepreneurs are an integral part of the American economy. A 2007 report by the U.S. Census Bureau found that 7.8 million businesses in America were owned by women. Of those, 90 percent were small businesses. As the country continues to recover from the recession of the past five years, women are continuing to use innovation to start their own companies, create new jobs and change their industries.


There is a lot of pressure on women entrepreneurs though and it often spills over into their personal lives. This is why women owned businesses struggle to grow and family lives take a hit. It takes some work to balance the demands of a business with those of a personal life and family. It helps to keep things in perspective in both arenas. Take a look at these suggestions for achieving your business goals with a smile on your face.

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1. Create a vision board.

Or some sort of equivalent. A vision board is simply a piece of cardboard or poster board covered with images or words that inspire you. Usually it contains “visions” of what you hope to accomplish – either on a personal or professional level. Hang it somewhere you will see it on a daily basis, like near your desk or in your bedroom. If you don’t have the desire to create a vision board then simply make a list of goals to read through regularly.

2. Stay organized.

If you want to avoid chaos in your professional and personal life, implement organization. Keep a datebook or a digital calendar you can access from your smartphone. Start each week by looking at your list of tasks, appointments and goals. Revisit those every morning before you dive into your day. Keep digital and physical files associated with different projects and clients. Find out tax tips for self-employed businesswomen, or which credits you can take as a full-time employee and then track them meticulously. The effort you make upfront to stay organized will save you a lot of time later on and lower your stress levels.

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3. Take time for yourself.

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