Why Size and Shape Really Matters to Women


Why Size and Shape Really Matters to Women

The Bad: Many guys with this type of curve can initially be insecure about their turned up shape, even apologizing for its misshapen form. Banana’d men: no need to apologize. Looks don’t always matter. You’ve got natural skill and you didn’t even know it!




Similar but opposite of the Banana, the Hook is a penis that is hooked with a curve that points down like a flamingo’s beak.

The Good: Doggy style is awesome with a hook because it’s perfectly hitting your G-spot. There are also several fun and exciting positions that feel extra good, like backward bull-riding (girl on top, facing his feet).


The Bad: In traditional missionary position, since the pecker is pointing down, it isn’t going to rub you the right way when it comes to your g-spot. No matter how he thrusts, at what angle or speed, he naturally bows away.

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He may be small, but don’t underestimate him. Remember, many powerful, successful, and sexy men are diminutive (Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Napoleon Bonaparte and Benito Mussolini).


The Good: First of all, remember that “the pocket rocket” vibrator is one of the best selling vibrators on the market. And it’s little. These guys know that they have big competition out there, and they often have taken that challenge to task by perfecting their techniques -- including honing their skill at head (which they tend to be AWESOME at… and by the way, good head can produce an orgasm more mind-blowing than intercourse. I mean, make you feel like you’re going to pass out- mind blowing).

Men with little guys can be as good at moving their man as any battery-powered pocket rocket. Because falling out can often occur, missionary and doggy style are generally the best bet positions, which can make for even more intimate sex including lots of kissing and full body contact. Since every penis has the same amount of nerve endings, regardless of size, little guys tend to be more sensitive- with a greater concentration in a smaller area (similar to chicks and nipple sizes). Another benefit of a Pocket Rocket- they are much more pleasant to give oral sex to. Your mouth won’t be nearly as sore after, which allows you to do it longer and more often.


The Bad: The little guy can also fall out of you if conditions get too slick or positions too peculiar. When this happens, don’t freak out or be embarrassed, just slip him back in. Some chicks do like the sensation of being completely filled up -- which you simply won’t get with a Pocket Rocket.  

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