Why The Other Woman Doesn't Matter


Why The Other Woman Doesn't Matter
The title may fool you, but this could be true! Figure out how to live your relationship right.

He is the one who was married, the one who took vows, the person who lied, cheated and sometimes, even steals to see his unfaithfulness through. Why aren't we looking harder at him? And why aren't we seeing below the surface?

If someone cheats, it is a symptom of a much bigger illness. It's not just because he's married to a size 14 and a size 6 comes along. It is because something else is fractured and it can feel relatively easy to heal (or at least numb the pain) to wedge a new and exciting person there. This doesn't make it OK. It just shows it is a more massive thing than sex with someone else. Even if it is sex with a very hot someone ele.


The marriage may not survive the symptom of infidelity nor the critical illness that is a part of for the couple. Sometimes, the married people work it out. Sometimes the relationship with the other woman lasts. Regardless, the mistress matters very little. It's the bigger diagnosis more of us should examine.

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This article was originally published at Shine. Reprinted with permission.
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