Why I Love (And Respect) Cougars


Why I Love (And Respect) Cougars
Is being called COUGAR or MILF always bad? We think COUGAR's a compliment...someone to be admired!

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The MILF on the other hand, seems to simply be a woman who’s only good for one thing. Which is why it fascinates me that so many ladies embrace that word. I can only wonder why? Is it the MOM part? I know a multitude of women who feel like they lose a little bit of their sexiness once they become mothers. Now obviously that’s not necessarily true but there’s no denying their feelings are real. Maybe there’s something ego-nourishing in hearing that some guy thinks a woman is hot even after she has kids? I don’t know. How would those same women feel about the term if MILF became “LILF?”


“Lady I’d Like To…”

Would that change their perspective?

For me, and I think most guys, there’s something sexy about a challenge. The cougar seems to be the one to offer more of a challenge. Note I said “challenge” not “chase.”

Hate the chase. Love the challenge. There’s a difference.

Heck, maybe both terms are offensive and I’m just too ignorant to know any better. I mean after all, I’m just a guy…

.…hunting cougars!

Your thoughts? Cougar vs. MILF --- who wins? Neither? 

By Marcus Osborne of Straight Male Friend for GalTime.com

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission.
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