Why Do You Put Up with BDB (Bad Dating Behavior)?


Why Do You Put Up with BDB (Bad Dating Behavior)?
If you wouldn't put up with it from your friends, why would you put up with it from your boyfriend?

"I noticed you said you'd call last night, but I didn't hear from you…." Pause.
"I noticed you are often late when you come to pick me up…" Pause.
"I noticed you weren't very kind to our waitress just then." Pause.
By pausing, you are allowing your date the best opportunity to explain their behavior to you. If you like the explanation, that's a positive sign. If you don't, consider it another red flag warning that this might not be a great match for you.

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Whatever they say, give them an opportunity to impress you by improving their behavior. Let them know what you'd like for them to do instead.
Some examples:

"It would mean a lot to me if you'd always call when you say you will."
"Punctuality is important to me. If you're going to be late, please call."
"I value politeness. Would you mind apologizing to the waitress when she comes back?"
Then see if something shifts!

By paying attention to how you really feel around a new partner, you can notice BDB in the beginning, address it, and decide if this new match is really made in heaven. If not, you'll be more prepared to move on to find someone who treats you like the gem you are.
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