When Does It Make Sense to Forgive?


When Does It Make Sense to Forgive?
Think about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Would you forgive her? Read more here.

If you've established your desire to rekindle your relationship, the ball falls back into your partner's court. Are they putting their apology into action? Generally, they have to be willing to apologize more than once, the rule of thumb being as often as you need to hear it. They have to be able to answer any questions you have about what happened. They have to be open about the details of their indiscretion so that you can make it real and attempt to no longer have it haunt you. They have to be willing to put you first and make time to be with you, hear your hurt, and respond to it.

On the flip side, if you feel all consumed by your anger and are deeply wounded beyond healing, then forgiveness might not be an option. If, despite whatever good there was between you before this happened, you still don't believe what your partner is telling you, are not willing to take a chance to see if he is true to their word, want to protect yourself from being hurt again, or if he is out of chances, then it might be time to say good-bye. And if your partner's promises are empty, and he is not willing to do any of the heavy lifting in the construction of your new relationship, then there is nowhere to go but out.
Only time will tell which camp Kristen and Robert belong to. But, in the end, it should make no difference if the one doing the forgiving is male or female. What matters is if they are in it together.



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