What Your Kids Learn from Your Marriage


What Your Kids Learn from Your Marriage
Like it or not kids can learn alot from relationships they witness first hand- including yours.

Wisdom rules, not emotions: People who experience drama more than routine are living by their emotions rather than wisdom. You may have days that you wake up feeling down or have a case of the “I don’t want to’s”,  but those feelings do not have the power to rule your day. Preparing to make the most of each day and not allowing emotions to steer the course sends a powerful message that kids are not at the mercy of something as unreliable as emotions.

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Mutually supportive: An encouraging word and a belief in each others dreams makes a big difference in reaching those goals. You should be each other’s best cheerleader; never demeaning in public or private.

An open heart: As a couple, you actively participate in life outside yourselves and immediate family. If a need is seen and the means is available, you take the steps to help. A warm and compassionate heart towards others teaches your kids a better way to look at life outside their natural focus of self.

Unconditional in love - mutually respectful: In your relationship, it is important to show love in the manner the other needs to receive that love. Learning how to express that love through open and honest communication shows an undeniable respect in your marriage.

The truth about committed relationships is recognizing that you will pass down to your future children the model you present to them. As a couple planning to marry and raise a family, your relationship will be the pattern for their lives.  Breaking individual generational cycles will lead to teaching your kids a better way.


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