What is "Quality Time" with Our Kids?


What is "Quality Time" with Our Kids?
All time with your kids is not created equal. Make it count!

Dr. Amy Hsin, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Queens College, CUNY, states, “We find that educational time” (reading, doing homework, etc.) “and structured time” (sports, music lesson, art and craft, etc.) “have a positive and significant effect on children's cognitive” (how we think and learn) “and behavioral outcomes.”

She notes, an “excessive amount of unstructured play relative to other types of activities that are more productive (i.e. educational time or structured play) is associated with worse child outcomes.”  Dr. Hsin clarifies that “unstructured play” refers to “t.v. time and unspecified activities when kids say they are ‘doing nothing’ or ‘hanging out’" – not to free play.
This summer, any season, or any day, no matter how much we have of it, time is on our side – if we use it well.  When it comes to spending time with our kids, just make it count.


Anna Katzman is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in psychiatry, certified in child and adolescent mental health and a freelance writer and an intern for GalTime. You can visit her blog for additional information.

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