What To Do If You Catch Your Kid Drinking


What To Do If You Catch Your Kid Drinking
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6. Random searches. Institute random searches of possessions and personal space for the next three months. Strike a balance between respect for privacy and the need to monitor by only conducting inspections together. They need to understand that building back trust requires proof (and it reminds them you haven’t forgotten).  Be sure to let them know how happy you are when you don’t find anything.

7. When to consult. If another offense occurs within 12 months it is time to consult. Your kid could have a more serious substance abuse issue going on. If you discover they are abusing prescription medication or serious drugs like cocaine, methamphetamines or ecstasy your kid has a serious drug abuse issue. Find a therapist who specializes in the treatment of teenagers with alcohol and drug problems.


Start early

This formula works even better if you put it in place before your kid experiments with drinking. Review every two years starting in sixth grade.

While drinking is one of the typical risks teens take, don’t treat it lightly. And remember, knowing  your kid and having open communication are two of the best ways to head off serious trouble, including alcohol abuse.


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