What Can We Learn from Celeb Break-Ups? Nothing!


What Can We Learn from Celeb Break-Ups? Nothing!
Living vicariously through your fave celebrities? They may not be the best examples after all.

THEY are not YOU...

It’s disappointing and maybe even a little sad when our favorite star couples break up, but I can promise you this, if your relationship or marriage hits an iceberg and goes all Titanic, it won’t be because Ashton and Demi stopped being twitter pals.


But of course you know that. I think. I hope.

All too often, we forget that celebs are still just people. Albeit, richer, better-looking, often more accomplished than us, but they still catch colds like the rest of us. So their relationship status is, I hate to sound harsh, worthless to you and me. If anything is to be learned from high-profile break ups it’s this: PRE-NUP.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little cynical too.

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