Wedding Drama: How do You Handle Difficult Family Members?


Wedding Drama: How do You Handle Difficult Family Members?
What do you do with those people who you may not have wanted at your wedding anyway?

“Unrealistic expectations are a pitfall, and the biggest problems are: money differences, family issues and guest problems. To reduce the stress of a wedding, discuss beforehand with your spouse what you do and do not want,” she advises. “Once you are clear with each other, then discuss with other family members who may be involved — especially if they are covering the costs. Have this discussion before making any decisions about how the wedding will look, where it will be, and who will be there. You have a lot of options, so don’t let other people’s expectations add to the expense, the complications, and the stress. While you want your wedding to be beautiful and memorable, a simpler event might be more enjoyable than a big, complicated affair. Identify extended family members or friends who might be problems, so you can diffuse them beforehand.”



How did you get around family drama while planning your big day?

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