4 Tips For A More Productive You


2012 is the year for you to gain control over your perceived obstacles and excuses!

If watching something gets you pumped up, create a folder or tab on your browser for these types of videos. If certain songs get you in the right zone, create a playlist on your iPod or computer. If pictures or quotes motivate you, create a mini vision board and hang it about your desk where you'll see it.

If you notice that going for a drive or a walk gets your inspiration and juices flowing, then build that into your work routine. If putting on your swimsuit makes you antsy to workout, then put that bad boy on, stand in the mirror and then lace up your tennis shoes!


3. Stop Making Excuses

Everyone has "reasons" why they can't get things done or they miss a deadline or goal. They're all excuses and they need to stop.

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Just because your friends eat unhealthy and will make comments if you get a salad, you aren't off the hook on healthy eating. Just because your neighbor was making a lot of noise, you shouldn't slack off on your work or reading. They're excuses, no matter which way you try to swing them. Knock it off and start looking for solutions. You're in control here, remember?

3. Remove "Can't" From Your Vocabulary

Can't rarely ever means that you really, physically can not do something. Usually it's code for "I don't want to" or "It's too much work."

From this point forward, I forbid you to use 'can't' when you speak about your goals or the things that you need and want to get done. If you "can't focus because of the noise," reframe that thought to, "I could focus better if I went downstairs or to the library." When you eliminate the possibility of can't from coming out of your mouth, you're suddenly presented with all the possible solutions to your perceived road block. 5 Steps to Getting & Then Staying Motivated

4. Commit To Doing Better

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Fully and completely commit to doing better, to working harder, figuring out what makes you move and what holds you back, and making adjustments as needed. Commit to being proactive, taking responsibility and eliminating excuses. If you're not mentally committed to making changes, things will always stay the same.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got." Mark Twain

Take Action Now!

Leave a comment and out yourself on a goal or commitment that you want to make. Get specific on what you'll achieve and by when. Have an excuse reason that you want to share? Leave it in the comments and I'll show you some solutions.

By Stephenie Zamora, GalTime.com

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