Utilizing Social Media to Land Your Dream Job


Utilizing Social Media to Land Your Dream Job
They said to be careful - employers are looking, but now you can use social media to your advantage.
  • Create and upload a video resume spotlighting your personality, strengths, and what you’ve got to offer (direct it at specific companies for higher visibility).
  • Enter online contests posted by employers seeking candidates.
  • Search for industry professionals, companies, or job titles to see what’s been posted. Comment on videos and/or post them on your other social media platforms to give recognition. Think reciprocity; when you recognize, others may just do the same for you.

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As you can hopefully see, there are many ways to use the power of social media to your advantage while searching for your next big career gig. There’s a lot to learn, but don’t let that stop you. If I can learn all of this, surely you can. The easiest way to learn is to pay attention to what others are doing and copy their actions. No need to reinvent the wheel here.
Think of social media as your job search ninja sidekick. It doesn’t do ALL the work, but if you give direction to and take advantage of its presence, it may just sneak in and make your job a whole lot easier.


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