Utilizing Social Media to Land Your Dream Job


Utilizing Social Media to Land Your Dream Job
They said to be careful - employers are looking, but now you can use social media to your advantage.
  • Fill out your profile completely; don’t leave anything of importance out!
  • Make sure your profile picture is professional.
  • Your summary should reflect: who you are professionally, where you’ve been (think accomplishments), where you’re going, and include your specialties in list format.
  • Exhaust your list of skills and expertise – your network can endorse you for these; increasing your visibility when recruiters perform keyword searches.
  • Connect, connect, and connect some more – friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors, professionals within your career field (think those who are in the job you want), and recruiters.
  • Ask for recommendations. More recommendations = higher credibility factor.
  • Find professionals with whom you’d like to conduct an informational interview to learn more about a job, company, or career field in which you’re interested.

3. Use Facebook to interact with future employers and establish your brand.

  • Search for businesses you’d like to work for and “like” their pages.
  • When businesses post information of interest, “like” and comment to engage and increase your visibility with them.
  • Post content related to who you are professionally and never post controversial material.

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4. Join and/or utilize Twitter to follow businesses of interest and those who offer industry related information and jobs.

  • Create a Twitter handle reflecting your brand (mine is DMCareerPro).
  • Search industry keywords, cities, or companies to find people and companies to “follow” and learn from – recruiters and companies post jobs on Twitter!
  • Share interesting, industry related articles, facts, or quotes to let people know you’re interested, up-to-date, and engaged in the conversations surrounding your industry.
  • Tweet individuals of interest (think industry experts or article authors) to start a conversation, send a shout out, or give recognition to make yourself visible.

5. Use YouTube for more than just baby and cat videos.

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