The Ultimate Parent Fails


The Ultimate Parent Fails
Typical mistakes we make as parents, and how to avoid them.

5. Learn why they may be lying to you. They may be afraid of disappointing you or upsetting you in some other manner. You may be punishing them too harshly in the heat of the moment. Do not assume that they are simply trying to consistently get away with things,. This explanation rarely accounts for lying unless you have a child who is deeply immersed in trouble like using or dealing drugs.

I certainly don't want to flood you with more PARENT FAILS because the goal here is to have you become more aware of what might be helpful. My goal is certainly not to have you disparage yourself and crawl into the fetal position on the closest couch that you can find only to emerge when your kids are in their 20's. Most of us are doing many things right and good. Perhaps we can delve into that in a part 2 article when you are ready to come up for air.


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