5 Tips For Better Online Dating


5 Tips For Better Online Dating
These tips will give you the edge you need to find your online love!

3. Think of a great first date as just that - a great first date! Don't think of it as a new potential girlfriend/boyfriend, or wife/husband, or lifelong partner. Rather, view it as a way to tell if you want there to be a second date. First dates can be amazing, but jumping to conclusions of where the relationship may end up, is never a good idea.



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4. Don't be afraid to share your entertaining stories from your online dating experiences. It can actually make it less awkward to be able to talk about online dating, rather than just avoid the subject altogether. I wouldn't talk about past relationships, but a lot of people have funny stories and they can be amusing to share. For instance, I met up with this guy at Starbucks and I knew right away he wasn't for me. We sat at a table and talked for a little while, but I wasn't into him at all. When I got home he sent me this message, "I HAD AN AMAZING TIME AND I REALLY LIKE YOU!!!!" (and yes he wrote in all caps). I told him I didn't think we were really a match and then what came next was shocking. He said that he really wanted to hang out again and offered me $100 to hang out with him again. I said "no way" and he upped it to $200, as if I was saying no because of the amount of money, not the situation itself!

5. Have fun! Always remember to relax and have a good time. Don’t act like you are on an interview, and just start firing off the questions. Don’t think of it like a job where you are just searching for your match. Rather enjoy yourself and all the experiences you will gain from meeting new people, because you never know how it will all turn out. 



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