Top 5 Tech Tools to Organize Your Life


Top 5 Tech Tools to Organize Your Life
For those who may not be too tech-savy read out some cool ways to make life easier.

Quickly and easily set customized goals for anything from paying off a debt to funding your retirement, so you can see how much you need to set aside each month to reach short and long term goals. It even suggests ways you may be able to save money by making easy changes or transferring your accounts to institutions with lower fees.


Corral your Kitchen –


As much as the plan on Sunday night is to eat at home every day next week, come Wednesday you inevitably open the fridge pondering, what do I have ingredients and time to make? Chinese takeout beckons and your exhausted brain steers you to pick up the phone and dial before you can pull out that “5 ingredients or less” cookbook.  If this sounds like a typical weeknight at your house, check out Kitchen Monki.

Set up a free account to add and organize your own recipes, or search the Kitchen Monki database and add recipes to your collection. Use the “Your Queue” tool to map out a week or more of menus using the Meal Planner tool. You can even create shopping lists automatically and send them to your cell phone with Mobile Monki. No more standing in the produce aisle trying to mentally plan your menu, or throwing out that kale you thought for sure you’d get around to using, but didn’t.

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