Top 5 Tech Tools to Organize Your Life


Top 5 Tech Tools to Organize Your Life
For those who may not be too tech-savy read out some cool ways to make life easier.

With apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android, you can manage tasks on the go. Sync with Google Calendar and have reminders sent via email, text or IM. Easily create recurring tasks so that you don’t forget to water the plants on Tuesday or pay your mortgage on time. You can even view location-specific tasks on a map so you can see if there’s anything else you can check of your list while you’re in the neighborhood.



The Family Tracker – Cozi

Cozi is a great free calendar, task and to-do list application geared toward families. Cozi has a multitude of easy to use features that automatically sync between every computer and mobile device in your busy household.


Use the online list feature to create a family to-do viewable by everyone you connect to your Cozi account. For instance, make up individual to-do lists for each family member, an up-to-date, accessible anywhere emergency contact list, vacation pack list... the possibilities are endless. There’s a grocery shopping list with pre-filled common items, or add your own, that can be updated by anyone in the family and then sent to you via text or email when you’re ready to head to the store.

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The family calendar allows you to color code appointments by family member, and then choose to see individual calendars or the whole family’s schedule at once.  A super handy text translator feature takes “Meet with plumber next Thursday at 10,” and automatically adds an appointment titled “Meet with plumber” in the right place on your calendar.

Reminders can be sent to your mobile phone or email, and the calendar is easily printable for kids that aren’t yet web-connected. Cozi syncs with Outlook while selectively adding only those appointments that fall out of normal business hours, so your husband will always know when you need to work late, without also being reminded of your lunch meeting with the boss. Your calendar and lists can be viewed and modified on any mobile device by logging into the website, or downloading the app onto your iPhone or Android. Now there’s no excuse for missing Sparky’s next vaccination appointment, much to his chagrin.


Manage Your Money -

If you have a relatively straight forward financial situation, with bank accounts and loans through traditional banking institutions, a free online financial management resource like Mint  can make budgeting and controlling your money a snap. Once you set up a free account with your name and email, simply enter the online login information for your various bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts and loans, and Mint will retrieve and consolidate your current balance and transaction history.  From that point on it will automatically keep your accounts up to date, with the only manual entry from you being to classify expenses it doesn’t recognize (it auto-categorizes what it can).


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