Top 5 Tech Tools to Organize Your Life


Top 5 Tech Tools to Organize Your Life
For those who may not be too tech-savy read out some cool ways to make life easier.

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As I drag myself away from whiling away another hour clicking through Pinterest and dreaming of crafts and projects I am surely never going to actually do, I have to chuckle a bit at the strange dichotomy that is technology. It can be a huge black hole for those of us easily distracted by all things shiny, and yet it offers an amazing array of tools to stay organized, connected and efficient. From online calendars to menu planners to interactive to-dos and reminders, here are some of the best tools and resources to help keep you organized and on track. Whenever you can drag yourself away from that game you’re playing on Facebook, that is.



Oh, and even better: they’re all free.

The Incredible Synching Online Calendar – Google Calendar


An online calendar with electronic reminders is an amazing tool. The last time I forgot a dentist appointment, only to be told it would be five months before I could get back on the schedule, I immediately installed Google Calendar on my smartphone. I synced across all my devices so no matter where I am I will, by golly, get that reminder to pick up the dog from the groomer. I have the family calendar sync with my husband’s phone as well so that he doesn’t miss out on the preschool open house or double book date night.

All you need to get started is a Gmail account. There are a multitude of Google Calendar apps that make it compatible with just about every device imaginable so you can add, view and edit events on the go. Have reminders sent to you via text or email. Color code events so work appointments stand apart from Jill’s upcoming soccer game; share your calendar with others; set up recurring events so you don’t have to remember to give the dog her flea treatment every month. Frankly, it’s the only way I ever make it where I need to be within a rough ballpark of the time I am expected.


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Be a Task Master – Remember the Milk


On the surface it appears to be a relatively simplistic online to-do list. The interface is basic with a few bells and whistles, yet Remember the Milk is a powerful tool to help you organize and manage your life. View tasks by due date (today, tomorrow, overdue, etc) or categorize tasks into lists and sort by work project, home maintenance, or self preservation (what else would you call a reminder that schedules a pedicure or organize a night out with the girls?).  Share or publish individual tasks or project lists so that you can work together with coworkers, or have hubby’s phone remind him to take out the trash so you don’t have to.

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